Effidigest 24 effervescent tablets


Full of enzymes and digestive agents, helping to restore proper function through the digestive system.  Works wonders for upset stomachs!


Exclusive to Go For Health and imported from Laboratoires Nutrisanté in France, Effidigest is a combination of digestive enzymes and lactic yeasts designed to help the body digest and process food.

It is ideal for anyone who is prone to digestive upsets, bloating, irregular bowels, and many other digestive complaints.

Product Benefits

Effidigest comes in packs of effervescent tablets or sachets of dissolvable powder. The tablets
are great for stomach upsets and upper intestinal discomfort. The sachets have additional Lactic
Yeasts in them, and so are better for deeper problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Your body depends on your food intake to replenish cells with vital nutrients. If digestion is
compromised, you risk not getting as much value from our food as you could. This is especially
important if digestive power diminishes as we get older! Once digestion is improved, we are more
likely to see benefits to our whole well-being.


Malt Extract – rich in Amylases, enzymes which help break down carbohydrates.
Papaya Extract – rich in Proteases, enzymes which help break down proteins.
Lactic Fermentation Agents (Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus) – pro-biotics which support the intestinal flora, improving the final digestive process.


Take 1 tablet after a main meal, up to twice a day.


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